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Ethanol subsidy is “a cautionary tale about what happens to quote-unquote temporary subsidies. They never go away.” – Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)


The ethanol tax break is “highway robbery.” – Bill Archer (R-TX), Chairman, House Ways and Means Committee


“A program so bereft of public benefit as the ethanol subsidy exists only because is has powerful friends.” – Doug Bandow, The Politics of Plunder: Misgovernment in Washington


“If the principal argument for subsidizing ethanol is to boost farm income, it would be more economical to burn straight gasoline in our automobiles and pay corn growers a direct subsidy.” - USDA report


“Ethanol’s critics have been no match for the big money contributions and the contrivances of leaders of both political parties to keep corporate welfare flowing.” - Ann McBride, President, Common Cause


The ethanol tax break is “an egregious exemple of corporate welfare that should be allowed to die.” – Investors Business Daily



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