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ND Mensa

Prairie Dawg


Bulletin Board

Rogues' Gallery

2004 RG Pix


North Dakota Mensa Regional Gathering, 2004

(All will load eventually. Thank you for your patience!)



At the President’s House, Allan Tinker watched while…



At Chautauqua Park, Allan and Brian grilled foot-long Polish sausages…



…that were THIS big! (Dollar bill included to show scale)



Brian Tinker and Shirley Starke



Mensans Allan and Brian Tinker



East meets west: Lon Larson of Moorhead and Ann Knudson of Bismarck



Shirley getting in the canoe – WHEE!



Shirley and Ann in Ann’s canoe…



…under the Hi-Line Bridge!



…LocSec Brian Tinker assembled the grill.



Ann Knudson helped…



…Brian sharpen pencils for the admission test.



Proctor Shirley at the 2:00 PM testing session



Brian in the President’s House kitchen



Ann at Chautauqua Park



Lon at the fireworks shoot