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Please click here to print a copy of our petition, or right-click to download it.

Printed copies can be ordered (free) from:



c/o Norman C. (Clint) Cooper

4848 Highway 85, Lot 119

Williston, ND 58801-8612

701-572-1432 (Please call before 6 PM)


Please let us know how many you would like. Completed petitions should be sent back to the same address. They do not have to be completely filled, but must be signed before a notary. Our deadline to get them to the Secretary or State’s Office is July 13!!


Click here for instructions to circulators – very important if you are going to circulate petitions.

(If the Word document won’t open properly on your computer, click here for a pdf version.)


Please right-click here to download our flyer, or left click to open and print it.

This is in pdf format. Two copies will fit on an 8˝” x 11” sheet of paper – please cut the sheets in half after printing.


Click here for a smaller version of our flyer that prints three on a page and will fit in a shirt pocket (pdf).


Click here for a full-page version of the flyer (HTML)


Click here for our 3-fold brochure (pdf).

This is printed on two sides of a sheet of paper, in b/w or color. It should be folded in thirds with the second page on the inside and the right-hand column on top.


If your printer cuts off part of the page, click start, settings, printers; right-click the icon for your printer; click properties, paper, unprintable area, and reduce the unprintable area until it prints (it will be no more than 100). If this does not work with your printer, please email Clint Cooper for copies. 



Click here to get the Acrobat Reader – to view pdf files.